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day before festival

Gran Fondo KOMORO2019

day before festival

Saturday, May 11, 11:00-17:00

11:00 Product sales booth starts 



  Gran Fondo KOMORO acceptance start

​ Place Shinshu Youth House Gymnasium

​ Talk events and cycling workshops

We are planning! !

16:15​  Bingo Tournament!

17:00 The day before the festival ends

18:00 reception end

~Grand Fondo KOMORO special project~

Character content and cycling

Mr. Toshimichi Kakizaki of the Seichi Kaigi created a manga "Longrider Stories!" about enjoying the local area through cycling.

Talk about ​ with Taishi Miyake and editor Koichi Ishii! Let's talk about charm!


​Longrider Stories!

​Taishi Miyake

<Profile> Cartoonist

Born in 1975.

A representative work is

"Long lengthTries! 』、


“30-year-old health and physical education

Love step up edition

(Both are Ichijinsha) and so on.

Holy Land Conference
​ Toshimichi Kakizaki

<Profile> Pilgrimage producer. Representative Director of Seichi Kaigi Co., Ltd.

His main publications include the "Sacred Land Conference" series (published in 2015) and "Sacred Land Pilgrimage: 12 Anime and Manga Tour" (published in 2005).

Produced regional event planning, original goods development, web development, etc.

Publishes the "Sacred Sites Conference" series of dialogues with key figures in sacred place pilgrimages and content tourism.

As an event organizer, we hold "anime pilgrimage 'book' sale", "local cosplay photo exhibition & capybara photo exhibition", and pilgrimage seminars.

bingo tournament

Gran Fondo Komoro

Bingo tournament for everyone! !

Komoro's specialty products, Komoro's familiar anime goods, and other gorgeous products will win!

Seminar to enjoy cycle events more

​One point tech course

​14: 30~

Tech lecturer introduction

Event Official Tech

《Profile of Takeshi Matsunaga》

Tsuyoshi Matsunaga (matts) @ Y's Road Shinjuku Main Building

Career: Started supporting professional athletes with whom he has been friends since he was a student.
After joining Y's Road, he became independent and worked as an exclusive mechanic for the MTB pro team (won multiple domestic champions) for 6 years.
Return to Wise Road again. Since then, he has been in charge of MTB, tech, and character wear at the Shinjuku Main Building.
Joined the 2014 MTB World Championships as a mechanic for the Japanese national team.
While enjoying MTB, he also enjoys anime stage pilgrimage cycling in various parts of Japan. It's about long! He also supervises and cooperates with anime.
At first, Natsumachi was a fan of Nakahito, so she was a fan of Mio, but after watching it many times, she is now a fan of Kanna.

riding lesson

​15: 40~

Riding instructor introduction

《Profile of Hiroshi Sakanishi》

Born in 1971, from Chiba Prefecture

When I was a student, I was involved in road and track competitions, and I still participate at the hobby level.

At Makino Cycle Factory, he is in charge of designing and determining specifications for users other than Keirin.

Motorcycle gymkhana experience

(JAGE/C1 seed) for bicycles

Specializes in rearranged braking/cornering skills.

It's about long! Animation version bicycle supervision ・

​ Also cooperated with commentary.

Pre-festival exhibitors

Details will be announced as soon as they are decided!

MAKINOロゴP806C.l (002).jpg
M. Makino Cycle Factory
Longrider Stories!
Holy Land Conference
Ohmest Grande
Y's Road
Groove Garage
Otafuku gloves
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