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Aurora Co., Ltd.
Sports life and casual life with the world view of characters and works
It is a manufacturer that proposes to enjoy.


Aniera's apparel brand based on the concept of [fashionable anime clothes].
The young generation who are sensitive to fashion, who say, “I like anime, but I also want to enjoy fashion!”
For overseas anime fans who love Japanese culture, while firmly preserving the world view of anime,
We propose fashion items that blend into everyday life.
Let's enjoy fashion with anime clothes.


Functional innerwear at an affordable price! !
It's a pity that I can't meet you all this year...
I wanted to see the new product in person...
The 3D first layer specializing in sweat absorption and quick drying is very popular, so please try it.


Y's Road (Y International) is a sports cycle pro shop with 37 stores nationwide, mainly in the Kanto region, with the management philosophy of "saving the earth through the world of bicycles".
Each store has its own concept, not to mention road bikes and mountain bikes,
We support various sports bike genres such as folding bikes, e-BIKEs, and maintenance services.


This is PLUM, a hobby maker in Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture, who is familiar with Princess Suwa.

  In addition to figures and plastic kits, stickers, car wrapping,
We deal with corona countermeasure goods.

 PLUM At the WEBSHOP, in line with this online event
We have prepared "PLUM RACING Bicycle Set".

In addition, we will start accepting reservations for "SUWAHIME PROJECT Dry Wet Parka" and "Suwahime Cycle Jersey 2020". Please take a look.


An Winery is a small winery located in the castle town of Komoro City, Nagano Prefecture. 5 minutes walk from Komoro station. We renovated an old vacant store and opened in December 2018. Karuizawa Uncider, which has been on sale since 2016, has been renewed with in-house brewing, and in addition to the secondary fermentation in the bottle, the primary fermentation in the bottle (method ancestral manufacturing method) allows you to enjoy the flavor of apples more. Now on sale. In addition, we will also brew fruit wine using Komoro's self-grown wine grapes and other fruit trees as raw materials.

You can also stay on the second floor of the winery.
​ ``Collaboration cider with Longrider Stories!

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