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Sponsored by Komoro Tourism Bureau

Cooperation Bushiroad Media Co., Ltd.


​wise road

Online Cycle Ride

It will be held on June 28, 2020!

2020 has been canceled

Gran Fondo Komoro,
I really want to do something with everyone

I consulted with various parties concerned.
It's a tough time

Yurufuwa popular bicycle manga "Longrider Stories! "and


With the cooperation of the cycling and running training program "Zwift", we were able to hold an event on Zwift.



■ROUND 1 New York Astoria Line 8

2020/05/03 13:00
■ROUND 2 Watopia Seaside Sprint

2020/05/10 13: 00
■ROUND 3Watopia Tempus Fugit

       2020/05/17 13:00
■ ROUND 4 London Classique
■ROUND 5 Richmond 2015 UCI Worlds Course
■ROUND 6 Innsbruck Innsbruckring
■ROUND 7 Yorkshire Duchy Estate
■ ROUND 9 June 28 (Sun)

Group A Watopia The Mega pretzel 1lap
Group B Watopia Three Sisters 1lap
Group C Watopia Volcano Flat 1lap

The group rides up to ROUND 8 were held as training rides for the main event on June 28, "Longrider Stories! The original author Taishi Miyake and the editor in charge will serve as ride leaders.

The event held on June 28th will be held in 3 groups with different degrees of difficulty (Group A: approx. 100km / Group B: approx. 50km / Group C: approx. 12km).
We hope that you will aim to finish the main event by running hard on the training rides beforehand.

Organizer (one company) Komoro Tourism Bureau

Produced by Granfondo KOMORO Executive Committee / Longrider Stories!
​ Cooperation Zwift


special guest rider Special Guest Rider 

Taishi Miyake Taishi Miyake

Serialized in Monthly Bushiroad

Taishi Miyake from the manga "Longrider Stories!"

​ Participated as a guest rider!



Born in 1975. His representative work is “Longriders

Tries! , Spaspa, 30-year-old health and physical education

Love step-up edition” (both Ichijinsha), etc.


special guest rider Special Guest Rider 

Sayako Tojo Sayako Tojo 

Voice actress Sayako Tojo is also a guest leader.



likeThings: Road bike/cosplay/survival game/alpaca

Voice appearance:

"It's long! ] The role of Paka store manager

"Little Armory" as Ena Toyosaki

"Megiddo 72" as Yuffir

"Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro" as Tamami



MC Special MC 

Mr. Kenta Kentasan 

Bicycle YouTuber Kenta
It will liven up your delivery!


A bicycle YouTuber who publishes bicycle videos on You Tube

We are sending out videos that are compatible with bicycles, such as beginner-friendly How to content, riding and camping content.

This year, there will be rides around each region by bicycle, cannon balls, etc.

I plan to try a lot of extreme rides Other than biking,

Lately, I've been addicted to live streaming of games and making bread and sweets.

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