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​©YAKUSHIKAN / illustration MARUTA

Komoro City has been supported by many character contents such as "Scrap Book", "Waiting in the Summer" and "Long Rider!".
Recently, cosplayers have also been visiting Komoro City.

Therefore, in order for everyone to enjoy the contents of "Granfondo KOMORO" Gurako-chan, "Rin Nakahori" and "Fuka Kondo", we hope that you will be able to work freely.

Copyright is free (*conditions apply).

●Copyright royalties

In the case of "small volume sales" and "exhibition only (no sales)" as fan activities, the usage fee is exempted.

“Small quantity sales” means that the sum of (number of production) x (selling price) is 100,000 yen or less.

For the range exceeding this, a separate copyright fee will be charged according to the number of production and sales amount.


●About application

The application is a "conditional contract for each product".

・ Setting the upper limit of the quantity that can be produced …… Up to 200 pieces regardless of the period

If you have more than 200, please make a new application. Additional applications can be made within 200 pieces.

There are no restrictions on the selling price.


● About sales

Only "direct sales" are allowed.

“Direct sales” means face-to-face sales at events, mail-order sales on your own website, and small-scale guidance.

It refers to something like confirming an order and shipping it yourself.


●Copyright Notice

©YAKUSHIKAN <Short version> ©YK

Attachment of certificate is unnecessary.


●Regarding screening and supervision

For a three-dimensional object, please send a prototype image or an image of the finished product (CG images are acceptable) from 3 angles.

3 angles (front, side, back) of the prototype before coloring, in a state where you can imagine the finished form to some extent

Please take at least one photo of each and send us the image data.

It is possible to accept items that are already colored, but we may ask for corrections, so please forgive us in that case.

For flat surfaces, please send us a photo that shows the design and the whole.

We value the individuality of the creator, so we do not request corrections in line with official data,

This does not apply in cases where the image of the original is significantly damaged.


●Regarding posting information

We may introduce information about the works you have created on our website or official SNS.

If you do not wish to have your information published, please indicate "Information cannot be published" in your application.

[Gurako "Nakahoriwa" "Kondo Fuka"] Basic guidelines for use

Guidelines for using this character are Gurako-chan (English: GURAKO), Hishino Onsen Yakushikan (English: YAKUSHIKAN) (abbreviated YK)
Derivative creation activities using this character (hereinafter referred to as "this character") that appears in "GRANFOND KOMORO" (British: GRANFOND KOMORO)
be a guideline. Derivative works using this character (general term for derivative works and works created based on the character; the same shall apply hereinafter)
If you want to create and publish this, please be sure to read this guideline and comply with the contents when publishing it.

1 About characters
"Character" in the guidelines means an abstract existence characterized by appearance, design, personality, etc., given the name of the character of "Gurako-chan" work, and illustrations, videos, etc. Refers to the copyrighted work of Hisino Onsen Yakushikan (hereinafter referred to as YAKUSHIKAN).
Includes all images, illustrations, video, audio, character names, etc. of various media related to "Gurako-chan".

2 License
Only in the case of (1) below, the Company shall not allow general individuals or doujin circles to copy, perform, screen, or publicly transmit the Character as is or after creating derivative works of the Character. You hereby grant a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable right to display, otherwise distribute.

(1) In the case of non-commercial and free of charge in the acts listed below
Release of self-made pictures using this character
Display and distribution of three-dimensional objects such as figures and stuffed animals
Websites, blogs, introduction of the Character, websites and products of the Character on SNS, distribution of doujinshi and other publications, and doujin games
cosplay activities

(2) Precautions regarding the use of this character
If the image of this character published on YAKUSHIKAN's website, SNS, etc. is used as it is, or after processing such as resizing to change the size, "YAKUSHIKAN" will be displayed and re-use is prohibited. Please specify
When using secondary creations of this character, please make efforts to indicate that the secondary creation is based on YAKUSHIKAN's copyrighted work.

3 When a separate license is required
2. above. In cases other than those listed in License (1), a separate license from YAKUSHKAN is required.
Please be sure to contact the person in charge of "YAKUSHIKAN" in advance.
In particular, please note that in the following cases, we may ask you to conclude a separate contract with us.
(1) When using this character for commercial purposes
Illustrations, comics, three-dimensional objects, videos, software, etc. using this character for the purpose of obtaining consideration from a third party, and regardless of whether or not the purpose is to obtain consideration, this character is used in some form such as sales promotion Permission is required even if the user of

(2) When a corporation or other group (excluding doujin circles) uses the Character or derivative works of the Character.

4 Prohibited use
(1) 2 Notwithstanding the provisions of license (1), the use of this character in the following manner is prohibited.
Use that damages the social reputation of the author of the Character or derivative works of the Character.
Use that infringes or threatens to infringe the rights of others
Use in a manner contrary to public order and morals, or in a manner deemed by the Company to damage the image of the Character.

(2) The Company may at any time, at its discretion, suspend the use of the Character or derivative works of the Character, change the content of the license, suspend the license, or take other measures that the Company deems necessary. shall be

5 Termination of License
If the User of the Character violates these Guidelines, the Company's license to the User regarding the Character shall be automatically terminated.

6 Changes to these guidelines
YAKUSHIKAN may change the contents of these guidelines at any time by notifying the fact of the change and the changed part on our website.
Changes to this guideline shall become effective at the time the changed guidelines are posted on this website, and if you use this character after changing these guidelines, you agree to the changed guidelines. will be considered.

7 Others
(1) When using this character, please comply with the copyright law and other applicable laws in addition to this guideline.
(2) YAKUSHIKAN does not guarantee suitability for specific purposes of use, non-infringement of third party rights, or any other guarantees regarding this character.
(3) YAKUSHIKAN shall not be liable for any damages, losses, expenses, burdens, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "damages, etc.") incurred by the user due to the use of this character and its derivative works. .
(4) In the event that the User causes damage to the Company due to the specifications of the Character or its Derivative Works, the User shall immediately compensate for all such damage.

Inquiries regarding the use of this character
In charge of YAKUSHIKAN [Gurako-chan]

Regarding the use of Gurako-chan

Thank you for sending

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