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Cycling while staying at home!! Virtual cycling event

A pre-Zwift group ride event will also be held before the event!


©YAKUSHIKAN / Character draft MARUTA / Illustration Ryo Yamashita

Organizer (one company) Komoro Tourism Bureau

Produced by Gran Fondo KOMORO Executive Committee
Cooperation/ Longrider Stories!
​wise road


The tournament has been canceled.
Gran Fondo KOMORO2020

Date Sunday, May 24, 2020
​ Day before festival Saturday, May 23, 2020

​Application starts February 21, 2020

​©YAKUSHIKAN illustration MARUTA

April 9, 2020
Gran Fondo KOMORO Tournament Secretariat

Notice of Cancellation of 2020 Tournament

"GRANFOND KOMORO", which was scheduled to be held on May 23rd (Sat) and 24th (Sun), 2020, has been canceled due to the top priority on safety against the spread of new coronavirus infection.

At Gran Fondo KOMORO, in order to welcome everyone safely, the local government and related parties

We have been preparing for the tournament, but unfortunately the future of the spread of the new coronavirus infection has become unpredictable.
We were planning to make a final decision on May 5th, but due to the government's declaration of a state of emergency, etc.

Due to the severity of the impact, we received a request to cancel the event from the local government, and the tournament also agreed with the gist of the request.

This is very disappointing news for everyone who entered the competition looking forward to it, but we ask for your understanding.

In addition, the secretariat will consider how to respond to everyone who has entered this tournament, and we will inform you again on the official website at a later date, and we will send you information individually by mail.



Gran Fondo KOMORO Executive Committee Chairman              

Ryuta Hanaoka

It's a pity and sad that we won't be able to see the smiling faces of those who were looking forward to it, even though it was due to force majeure.
However, it is also true that this time, "Is not it a cycle event that is only held in the real world?"

I don't think I can give you specific information right away, but I'm trying to change my mind a little and plan an event that everyone can enjoy, so please wait for a while.

It's a difficult time, so we may not be able to do it so that the people who were planning to participate, the local staff, the people in Komoro City who are involved, and the exhibitors who are always cooperating with us can smile even a little. I may not be able to do it well, but I will try to struggle a little more while giving first priority to safety.

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Event summary



Gran Fondo KOMORO2020 Special Supporter

Sayako Tojo
What makes Granfondo KOMORO exciting! !
Voice actress Sayako Tojo, also known as a cyclist
It will appear in various scenes over the two days!

Likes: Road bikes, airsoft games, cosplay, alpacas
Voice appearance:
"It's long! Manager of Paka / Ena Toyosaki in "Little Armory"
"Megiddo 72" as Yuffir / "Girls' Frontline" as K31, etc.


day before festival


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