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​ Gran Fondo KOMORO2020 Overview

[Date] Sunday, May 24, 2020

[Organizer] Komoro Cycling Project “Granfondo KOMORO” Executive Committee

[Constituent organizations] Komoro City / Komoro Chamber of Commerce / Komoro Tourism Bureau / Asama Takamine Tourism Council

Asama Sanroku Aozora Sports Gym/Cycling Club Komoro Sharak

NPO Asama Sanroku International Nature School/NPO Komoro Information Hiroba

NPO Sports Community Karuizawa Club

NPO Shinshu Youth House

[Co-sponsored] Asama Foothills Wide Area Tourism Promotion Council/Grand Fondo Karuizawa Executive Committee

[Cooperation]   Komoro City Natsumachi Hospitality Project


Challenge Asama 100 Come Hero! Challenge the difficult course at the foot of Mt. Asama!

Starting from Komoro, make one lap around the Asama foothills (100km). It is a full-scale mountain Gran Fondo with an altitude of 2270m.
・ Time limit: 10 hours
・Eligibility: Junior high school students and above. However, junior high school students need parental consent

・Capacity 350 people

●Enjoy Komoro 50 Enjoy highland cycling at an altitude of 1000m!

Round trip from Komoro to Karuizawa. Take a bath at Hisino Onsen! There is a steep slope at Hisino Onsen

(distance 50km gain altitude 750m). It's a cycling course.

This is the easiest course of the "Cycling Festival Asama" course.

・ Time limit: 6 hours

・Eligibility: Junior high school students and above. However, junior high school students need parental consent

・Capacity 100 people


Participation notices will be sent from the tournament secretariat around the end of April. Then ship them sequentially. The final will be shipped one week before the event.
If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the secretariat below.
◆ Gran Fondo KOMORO Executive Committee Secretariat
TEL0267-22-1234 (9:30-17:00)


[Tournament Terms]
Gran Fondo KOMORO Tournament Rules
1. I will pay close attention to my own health management, follow all the rules, regulations, and instructions established by the organizer, handle any accidents that occur at the event and incidental events at my own responsibility, and host the event. I swear that I will not blame or hold responsible for the person, manager, participants, and related parties. This does not change even if the accident is caused by the organizer. I also confirm and accept that the guarantee to me is within the scope of the damage insurance for the event.
2. I agree to take full responsibility for my personal belongings and equipment during the event and incidental events, and not to hold the event organizer or other competitors responsible for loss, damage, etc. To do.
3. I agree that I have no objection to the event being canceled or changed due to strong winds, heavy rain or other deterioration of weather conditions, natural disasters, incidents, accidents, etc.
4. I accept that my participation will be canceled if there is a false declaration of age, gender, vehicle type, etc., or if someone other than myself participates (illegal participation).
5. I will verify the safety of my bicycle (self-inspection) before riding, maintain it so that it can be ridden safely, and ride safely while understanding the course and road conditions on the day. I also agree that if I do not do a self-inspection, my participation will be cancelled.
6. I agree that the entry fee will not be refunded if I cancel or change my entry after applying for 3, 4, or 5 above.
7. I agree to freely use my name and photo in broadcasts, websites, printed materials, etc. related to the tournament.
8. During the event and incidental matters, always wear a helmet and gloves when riding a bicycle.
9. All the items described in the application documents submitted to this competition are authentic.
10. Personal information acquired in this competition will be used for the purpose of running the competition. In addition, the event organizers, sponsors, cooperators, and affiliated organizations of the event may also use the information to disseminate information on related events.
11. I swear that if I am under the age of 18, I will participate with the consent of a parent or guardian.
12. I swear that I will abide by the dress code established by the competition.



[Dress Regulations]

・Be sure to wear a helmet and gloves when riding a bicycle.
・It is recommended to wear cycling clothes with motifs of anime, manga, games, and other content, characters, and original characters.

・If the intellectual property rights of others are used in the design of cycle wear or cosplay costumes, it is expressed to the participants that the design of the jerseys or costumes is based on legitimate title. I will assume that you have received it.

・If necessary, the customer is requested to obtain prior permission from the administrator of the copyright or trademark rights.
・In the case of cosplay costumes, decorations must be placed on the helmet.

・If your cosplay costume is sleeveless, please wear skin-colored clothing.

・The length of the cosplay costume should be above the kneecap to prevent wheels from getting caught.
・Please refrain from participating in costumes that are offensive to public order and morals, or that depict extreme sexual expressions or violent scenes.

・If you drop the parts attached to the costume, we will judge that there is a danger to other participants and cancel the participation.
​・If the organizer or event manager determines that your clothing is inappropriate, you will be asked to stop running until it is improved. Please be forewarned.

​・If you do not follow the organizer's instructions, you will be forced to leave the venue. In that case, the entry fee will not be refunded.

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