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​​©Taishi Miyake/BUSHIROAD MEDIA 

2020YearIt will be held from Saturday, October 24th to Monday, November 23rd! !

Visit stores in Komoro City and collect stamps! !

run! Walk! eat! Get points while enjoying Komoro City! !
​Longrider Stories! There is also a collaboration menu!

premium entryApplicationClick herefrom!


・Organizer:(one company) Komoro Tourism Bureau

・Cooperation: Bushiroad Media/Longrider Stories! /Aurora

・ Implementation period: October 24th to November 23rd

・Capacity: 500 people

·Entry fee

General entry (400 people): Free

Premium entry (100 people): 6600 yen (tax included)

*Premium entrants will receive a Team Fortuna buckskin card folder and the Longrider Stories! We will give you a clear file, an original can badge, and a coupon worth 1000 yen (500 x 2) that can be used at participating stores.


stamp rally rules

  • Participation is free of charge. (There is also a paid premium entry course)

  • Please check in at the Komoro City Tourist Information Center.
    (Premium entry participants will receive an original deerskin card folder and a 1,000-yen event coupon.)

  • During the period, use the designated store to stamp the mount and collect 100P (50P or 100P per store) or more.
    ​ *You can use it for shopping, eating, and staying at the store. There is no set amount.

  • If you collect 100 points or more, you will receive an original tin badge at the Komoro City Tourist Information Center.
    (Premium entry participants will receive an original tin badge and clear file.)

  • Coupons for Premium Entry can be used at designated participating stores.
    Please read the notes on the back of the coupon.


premium entryApplicationClick herefrom!



Komiyama Liquor Store (Liquor Store) / Station Garden (Cafe) / Soba Nana (Soba Restaurant) / Tea Salon Jutoku (Cafe) /

Chiru Chiru Gelato (Ice Cream) / Matsui Farm (Apple Orchard) /

* Souvenir Miyasaka (mini pop-up souvenir shop) / Kuruma Yume (restaurant) /

Isenan (soba restaurant) / An Winery (winery) / Fujiya Jozo (miso shop) / Hutong (Chinese cuisine) /

Enshuya (Japanese food)/Hishiya Kaizokusen (steak)/Grandeur (cake)


Takamine Kogen Hotel / Komoro Youth Hostel / Reading Forest / Takamine Onsen Lamp Inn /

Hisino Onsen Tokiwakan / Tengu Onsen Asama Sanso / Wakihonjin no Yado Kumeya /

Nunobiki Onsen Komoro / *Hishino Onsen Yakushikan (mini pop-up store) / Seiunkan

◇Collaboration menu stores

Sobakura Chojian (soba restaurant) / Flavored (Japanese confectionery) / Toraya (Japanese confectionery) /

Kinzushi (Sushi restaurant) / Yamanoso (Izakaya) / Coffee Komoro (Cafe)


Stamp rally participation map mount
・Hishino Onsen Yakushikan

・Souvenir Miyasaka

・Distributed at the Komoro City Tourist Information Center.

*Please note that premium entries are only accepted at the Komoro City Tourist Information Center.


[Stamp rally participation rules]

  • Put safety first, follow traffic rules, and enjoy your ride.

  • Participants are responsible for managing their physical condition. If you have a fever or are not feeling well, please refrain from participating.

  • Please participate by carrying a mask, wearing it in an appropriate place, disinfecting with alcohol when entering the store, washing your hands, and maintaining a social distance.

  • Please register at the Komoro City Tourist Information Center during the period. If you are participating in Premium Entry, please show your electronic ticket.

  • If you use the store during the event period and earn 100P or more, you will receive an original tin badge.
    (Premium entries will also receive an original clear file.)

  • Please take responsibility for accidents, theft, illness, etc. during the stamp rally participation.

  • If you do not follow the instructions of the staff, we will refuse your participation.

  • The stamp rally may be canceled due to natural disasters, incidents, accidents, or the spread of new coronavirus infection.

  • In order to convey the state of the stamp rally, we may post videos, photos, records, etc. on television, newspapers, magazines, and Internet media.


Advantageous information held at the same time!

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