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Character option

・Original T-shirt ・Original bib​ ・Original (unfinished) certificate of completion


Character option

・Muffler towel ・Original bib​ ・Original (unfinished) certificate of completion

Character option application deadline is April 18 (Monday)


Ami got a new partner, a road bike, and stepped into the world of cycling.
Her bicycle life begins to move deeper!
​ Popular Yurufuwa bicycle cartoon

​ Appeared in Granfondo KOMORO character options!


Surpass Destiny! TV animation "Getter Robo Ark" to be broadcast in 2021
Character options for Granfondo KOMORO
Appeared in "Getter Izumi", which became a Twitter trend in 2021!


Let's go and look for scenery we don't know yet.
The sequel to the popular mountaineering anime "Yama no Susume Next Summit"
​ Appeared in the character options of Granfondo KOMORO2022!



Appearing at Gran Fondo KOMORO again this year! Become a symbol of Good Smile Racing "Hatsune Miku GT Project"
[Racing Miku 2022 Ver.]


The animation “Waiting in that summer” set in Komoro City, Nagano Prefecture
10th anniversary of broadcasting in 2022!
The star of this year's character options is "Rinon"!