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2018Held on Saturday, October 6th

to the guest

voice actor'sSayako TojoMr. Miss.

Participation decision! !

Mr. Yusuke Takeyama

"Hayame Blast Gear"Serialized

(Shonen Gahosha, Young King Awards)

At the Comoroge venue booth,

autographed bookScheduled for sale!


Sponsored by Omest Grande.

Active as a cartoonist and illustrator

At the Comoroge venue booth,

Ohmest Grande Micro

Fiber mini towel will be on sale!

Let's cycle around the stages of anime and comics set in Komoro City! !

​ Run! eat! See! take! Get a lot of points! !

Applicationsports entry

​Application deadline is Tuesday, September 25th


[Participation application rules]
1. You can apply for participation from the "Sports Entry" homepage event information.
2. Participation certificates will be sent to participants who have applied for participation in order after the deadline. "Participation certificate" is required at the time of registration. Don't forget to bring it with you.
3. Participants cannot be changed or canceled after the application has been submitted.
Four. Participation with a false declaration or participation by someone other than yourself will be canceled.
Five. If the participation fee is insufficient, the participation fee cannot be canceled and the participation fee cannot be refunded when the event is cancelled.
6. Excessive payment of entry fee, duplicate payment, cancellation of participation, and refund of entry fee when the event is cancelled.
7. If there is an error in the content of the application, please let us know and we will correct it.
8. The organizer will use personal information for the purpose of improving services for participants, such as participation guidance, record notification, notification of related information, and announcement of guidance records from the next time. In addition, we may contact you to confirm the content of your application from the organizer or contractor.

[Dress Regulations]
・Be sure to wear a helmet and gloves when riding a bicycle.
・It is recommended to wear cycling clothes with motifs of anime, manga, games, and other content, characters, and original characters.
・If the intellectual property rights of others are used in the design of cycle wear or cosplay costumes, it is expressed to the participants that the jerseys or costumes with such designs are created based on legitimate authority. I will assume that you have received it.
・If necessary, the customer is requested to obtain prior permission from the administrator of the copyright or trademark rights.
・In the case of cosplay costumes, decorations must be placed on the helmet.
・If your cosplay costume is sleeveless, please wear skin-colored clothing.
・The length of the cosplay costume should be above the kneecap to prevent wheels from getting caught.
・Please refrain from participating in costumes that are offensive to public order and morals, or that depict extreme sexual expressions or violent scenes.
・If you drop the parts attached to the costume, we will judge that there is a danger to other participants and cancel the participation.
・If the organizer or event operator determines that your clothes are inappropriate, you will be asked to stop running until the clothes are corrected. Please note.
・If you do not follow the instructions of the organizer, you will be forced to leave the venue. In that case, the entry fee will not be refunded.

[Tournament Regulations]
1. Put safety first, observe traffic rules and manners, and enjoy your ride.
2. Participants are responsible for ensuring that they are in good physical condition, such as undergoing medical examinations, and that their bicycles are in good condition before participating in the event.
3. Please register on the day of the event. You will be required to present your “participation certificate” at the reception. If there is no participation reception, the participation will be canceled (abstention).
Four. The event has a time limit.
Five. If you wish to withdraw or retire in the middle of the event, please inform the staff and follow their instructions.
6. For accidents during the event, first aid will be provided. In addition, the organizer will take out general liability insurance, etc., but we will not be responsible for anything other than the application of that insurance.
7. You are responsible for any theft, loss, injury or illness during the event.
8. If you do not follow the staff's instructions, you will be terminated from participation.
9. The event may be canceled due to natural disasters, incidents, accidents, or when danger is expected for the operation of the event.
Ten. Videos, photographs, articles, records, etc. may be posted on media such as television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet to convey the state of the event.
11. Cameras are limited to those that can be checked on the spot. (Film cameras cannot be used)

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