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Rule explanation!

At the specified checkpoint within the time limit
Collect points by taking photos or using designated stores!
People with higher points will be ranked higher!

  Time limit: 4 hours

Checkpoints are mainly "waiting in that summer"

"It's long!"
The place that appeared in is the main! !

as a side note! where you can get more points

・ A place where the altitude gained is amazing

for example! This is the place ↓↓↓↓

How to add points

1. Take a photo at the designated checkpoint
(Please use a digital camera, smartphone, tablet, or anything else that can be checked on the spot!)

2. Dining and shopping at designated stores with distributed coupons
and take a picture of the store and the product

By the way, even if you don't use the coupon, you can eat at the designated store,

If you shop and take a photo of the store and the product, you will get points! !

​that is,

Even if you don't usually exercise, you can fight even if you brag about eating!

​Points will be deducted if the time limit is exceeded!

​minus 10 points every minute

​After 10 minutes, all points will be lost. so

​Please be careful.

Note! !

Use of cars, motorcycles and trains is prohibited! If you find out, you will be disqualified!

For those who have entered, we will send you a participation certificate in advance!

Checkpoint location and designated store along with the participation certificate

I will send you a map,
Carefully design your own running and eating course

please give me! !

We are looking forward to your participation! ! !

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