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​KOMOROGAINING exhibition information

"Longriders!" Booth

Mr. Taishi Miyake will also participate!

■ It's long! Goods sale

・Baseball cap

・Baseball shirt

·body bag





■ It's long! book sales


・Touring guide

・It's long! art book

・ Taishi Miyake Art Book

If you buy the book, you can get Taishi Miyake's signature!

M. Makino Cycle Factory Booth

​■ Free test car rental with advance reservation

・700C Steel Road (Appropriate ride height around 170cm)
Frame size (horizontal conversion): 550mm
Top tube length (horizontal conversion): 540mm

・700C Steel Road (Appropriate ride height around 145cm)
Frame size (horizontal conversion): 490mm
Top tube length (horizontal conversion): 490mm

・700C Steel Disc Road (Adequate ride height around 175cm)
Frame size (horizontal conversion): 570mm
Top tube length (horizontal conversion): 550mm

・20-inch (451) steel road (approximately 170 cm tall)
Frame size (horizontal conversion): 535mm
Top tube length (horizontal conversion): 550mm


Please click here for application.

​M. Makino Cycle Factory

cycle wear aurora booth

​■ Sale of cycle items

■ God hand tools, etc.

■ "Long Rider!"Ms. Sayako Tojo is scheduled to attend

Komoro Tourism Bureau booth

​ Komoro Tourism Bureau original goods

・Komoro polo shirt

・Komoro ZOO stuffed giant flying squirrel

​ ・ Komoro ZOO Gurumi Penguin Nagashi Ajiversion


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